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Every two years; Seville floods with ruffles and red dresses; shiny shoes and fans. The Flamenco Biennial has been held every two years since 1980; combining a flamenco competition with an array of singing and dancing; courses, conferences, talks and seminars. Afterwards; the locals retreat to small bars for a bottle of wine and a well-earned rest, before doing it all again the next day. It lasts for a month.

Marketing the festival was an exciting challenge. Why does it exist? It’s debatable. And most businesses could relate to that! While they can say that they want more visitors, or dance entrants, or customers; they can’t pinpoint any further than that.

That’s where your marketing strategy comes in. It gives you direction and focus; and a definition of ‘success’. It helps you to focus on those priority strategic initiatives that will make the biggest difference.

In Seville when the festival kicks off? You’ll know about it. If you’re tempted to try, we’ll be enticing you over to join in with trials and group dances; or pick a partner for lessons. Got two left feet? Come down for the atmosphere; and enjoy delicious, authentic Spanish tapas with a glass of decadent local wine or sherry. Not many people go home without getting involved! Our ROI is at 73%.

That’s what most businesses need; too. A strategic marketing strategy that breaks down what needs to be done, where and by when. It provides a way for you to share your vision; to track what’s working and to know when you’re hitting your targets. And whether it’s conducting customer research, building funnels, retargeting or re-engaging; I’d love to help.