The 2018 Instagram stats that you need to know!

Instagram has quickly evolved from a quirkly iOS app to a critical social network, rolling out support for businesses, desktop functionality, ads and more since Facebook took over - but how are people using the platform in 2018?

Instagram boasts one billion monthly active users - that's doubled since 2016!

How many log in every day? 500 million.

And how many use stories daily? 400 million!

20% of internet users have an Instagram profile.

And how many businesses? 8 million.

Over 50% of business accounts on Instagram have posted at least one story; too.

There's 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram! And 43% of Facebook ad accounts advertise on Instagram too.

Instagram likes to be known as a “hate-free” channel – but 9% of teenage girls claim to have been bullied on the platform.

US adoption of Instagram is still growing, with 34% of the US population using Instagram.

The demographics on Instagram are close, but the latest official stats say the platform is 51% male, and 49% female.

25% of global smartphone users have Instagram.

The average Instagram account grows by 16% per month.

A shocking 14% of drivers admit to checking Instagram whilst driving their cars.

Users don’t see a whopping 70% of their Instagram feed - although there have been no official updated stats since the full roll-out of the algorithm.

Android users have certainly adopted the platform – there have been over one billion unique installs through Google Play.

The average amount of time a user spends on Instagram each day? 53 minutes.

The best days to post on Instagram for engagement are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Whilst videos might be hot in 2018; 88% of Instagram posts are still photos.

8% of Instagram profiles are thought to be fake.

Not everyone finds Instagram addictive – 35% of profiles are inactive (with no usage for over three months).

Instagram is pretty young – 90% of registered users are under 35 years old.

Tablet usage is slightly more common than smartphone access – with 53% of Instagram users logging in on a tablet, and 47% from a phone.

55% of Canadians who use social media have an Instagram account.

In Mexico, 39% of social networkers have an account.

The most used hashtag? #love, which was used over 1 billion times this year.

Disneyland California looks set to hold onto it’s “Most Instagrammed location” crown for the fourth year in a row; although it's certainly had more competition this year!

The average user posts 1.69 posts per day.

80 million Instagram photos are posted each day.

Amongst top Instagram influencers, #Vegas is the most used hashtag.

97% of Instagram engagements are hearts.

Photos generate more engagement than videos, with photos getting around 36% more likes.

Half of all Instagram comments include an emoji.

50% of all Instagram comments come within 10 hours of posting the image.

38% of users log in at least twice per day. 28% log in more than six times regularly.

20% of photos tagged #NoFilter actually contain a filter. 

Which stat surprised you the most?

(All stats come from Instagram themselves, or Instagram-verified third-party studies).