Who is using LinkedIn in 2018; and what for?

LinkedIn can feel the most elusive of the social channels; with Microsoft yet to release a full report on usage like many of the other platforms do. Before you start your campaign, it’s important to know that you’re reaching the right people - so here’s a look at the latest LinkedIn stats that the company has unveiled:

There are now 590 million registered Linkedin users. 

Three new members join LinkedIn every second. 

Each month, 124 million unique users visit LinkedIn. 

40% of users check LinkedIn daily.

LinkedIn is used in 200 countries and territories, with 70% of LinkedIn users being based outside of the US. 

Having a professional LinkedIn photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed; and 36% more likely to receive a message.

The top skill on LinkedIn? Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. 

People who list at least 5 skills on their profile get 17 times more views.

There were 45 billion pageviews from LinkedIn members during Q1 2016.

67% of LinkedIn users describe themselves as "news junkies".

Males make up 56% of LinkedIn's userbase.

The average user spends 17 minutes per month on LinkedIn.

In total, there have been 10 billion endorsements on LinkedIn - up from 1 million in 2016.

The average CEO has 930 connections.

The most overused profile word continues to be "Motivated" - which has topped every year since 2014 - followed by "engaging".

13% of 15 - 34 year olds use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn owns 4% of total global social sharing.

There are 54 million students or recent graduates on LinkedIn. 

The US has the most LinkedIn users, with over 146 million registered users. This is followed by Europe at 104 million, India at 25 million and the UK at 9 million

There are over 3 million long form posts written on LinkedIn, with over 1 million professional post publishers. 

100,000 long-form posts are generated per week. 

There are 26 million Slideshares uploaded to LinkedIn.

16% of LinkedIn users do not have a Facebook account; a slight increase on 2016.

83% of LinkedIn users don't use Pinterest. 

59% of LinkedIn users don't use Twitter.

The top destination for LinkedIn users? Germany. 

LinkedIn is currently available in 20 different languages.

41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.

55% of LinkedIn's revenues come from Talent Solutions, with 25% coming from Marketing Solutions (ads) and 20% from Premium Subscriptions. 

According to Wall Street, each LinkedIn user has an estimated value of $84. 

The average LinkedIn user has 400 connections.

There are 500 Pulse Influencers on linkedIn, and 2,000 Pulse publishers.

60% of the UK's student and working population use LinkedIn.

Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to buy LinkedIn.

1.4 million LinkedIn users in the UK changed employers during 2018. Just under 500,000 users received a promotion. 

IT and Services is the most represented industry on LinkedIn.

Engineers have the most represented profession. 

Career Management and Recruitment Advice are the most popular long-form post topics. 

This data is all taken from various LinkedIn studies or presentations.