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Have you ever been to a market square; where stallholders bellow their latest offers to the passing public?

It works; a little. Usually because people know exactly what they went to the market for, and they’re already giving the dragonfruit a squeeze when the man leans in and says he’ll do them for $3.50 on special just for you

That doesn’t work on social media. People are there to talk to friends; to have fun - and whilst they definitely do buy there and build relationships with companies, that takes some work. And that’s exactly why you need a social strategy.

I believe it’s critical for every business to have a social strategy that is actionable and understands their customers, helping them to converse about things those customers care about, in the places or on the platforms where they already hang out.

The best strategies are built from customer insight; which makes creating content, conversations and conversions much easier. And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do.